A mother’s heart…

I’m a mom.  A mother to two beautiful children.  The day these two were born was the day my heart grew legs and started walking around outside of my body.  Every day that they are out in the world…my heart is out there with them.  If you hurt them, you hurt my heart.

They are flesh and blood, breathing, living human beings.  Unfortunately, my son is caught in the middle of a war.  A war that he didn’t ask for and a war that he didn’t start.  As his mom, I am in the war with him…holding up a shield to protect him from the bullets and arrows that are directed at him. This war has left us both battered and bruised.

Look at his face.  He is not an agenda.  He is my child, my heart, but more importantly he is God’s child and God’s heart.  He is fearfully and wonderfully made.  He is made in God’s image.  God loves him, yet he is hated by many…and they don’t even know him.

I have a favor to ask of you.  Remember his face and the faces of countless others when dealing with the issue of homosexuality.  When you post on social media, or comment on posts, remember that you are posting and talking about people… not objects.  The people you are referring to are someone’s child, someone’s brother or sister, someone’s nephew or niece, and someone’s grandchild.  Think before you post.  Is this helping to bring peace, or is this adding fuel to the fire?  Is this bringing glory to God, or is it delighting the enemy?  Don’t let your words, or your post, tear someone’s heart apart.

And love each other…because love matters…and God’s heart does too.



16 thoughts on “A mother’s heart…

  1. Lesa, Just got home from another faith-related event tonight and read this and my heart wants to cry.  I have hurt for my son over the years and wanted to rip people to shreds for the things they have done and said and continue to do and say because of his apraxia. The idea that you and Kai have to suffer just hurts me so bad.  I really hope it wasn’t whatever conversation was happening on my post about the mayor of Houston demanding the sermons from the pastors there.  My point was simply that that spiral was eventually going to cost us a loss of freedom that directly affects our freedom of religion.  Since it would start with the demand of Christian churches, it would have to be upheld in all churches and therefore, there would be no more “freedom of religion”.  This in no way was a reflection of a homophobic perspective on my part.  It was an anti-freedom perspective from someone who is watching our constitution continue to be sidestepped and violated. 

    • Thanks Janice and I’m sorry that you and your son have been hurt. I wish people could just step into someone else’s shoes for a moment to see how hurtful they are being.
      In regards to the Houston post…there is a lot of misinformation out there. Because of the misinformation, things were blown way out of proportion and that started a lot of “hate” speech. I agree that they went about things the wrong way, but it was not the “witch hunt” that the media made it out to be. Other churches were not in jeopardy because this was all related to a lawsuit. When the misinformation gets shared over and over again, it creates a bit of a frenzy that then puts our kids at risk.
      When it comes to the Equal Rights movement, there is a lot of talk about the bakers and florists that will have to serve same-sex couples. They somehow don’t have problems though serving customers who have been divorced, lived together, or had sex outside of marriage. No one never mentions that in states that don’t have these laws in place, my son could be asked to leave a restaurant if another patron is offended by him being there. He would have to leave…paying for a meal that he wasn’t allowed to finish. It is happening.
      I don’t want this to be a debate. I’m just asking that people think before they post because there are consequences…especially when it comes from the media because it is biased on both sides.

  2. Lesa, I love all your posts but I think this one is my favorite by far. I worry about my child every single day. There is so much hate in this world, so many people that think they are the expert on what’s right and wrong and how we all should live. Would they be so hateful and ugly if it were their child? Sadly I know that in way too many cases the answer to the question is “yes”. But I think that in a lot of cases it would be “no” if they could just look at it through the eyes of a parent. I am so proud of both my children – they are both fearfully and wonderfully made by the God who loves them so much more than I do. Thanks for sharing your heart with us Lesa!

    • Thanks Elise. It is a worry. I don’t think people realize the danger our kids face each day. That’s why I think it is so important to think before you post. It may seem harmless, but it’s not. And it’s people…not agendas that these stories are really about. Stop for stopping by!

  3. Hi Lesa, just read a Mothers Heart, beautifully written as always. You are doing great things. Keep up the GOoD work.

  4. This is so spot on. My son too is not an issue or an agenda but a human being. Yes, he is gay and we are Christians, but he is not to be devalued. Unfortunately, too many of our kids are not welcomed or loved, especially in the church. Our son knows that we are there for him and love him. It is not so much because he is gay it is because he is our son.

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  7. So beautifully expressed, Dear Lesa–I too have a gay son, and even if I had the power to go back and change things, I wouldn’t do it for all that this journey has taught me about Love and how truly BIG God is—The toughest part by far has been the opinions of other Christians. My heart truly BLEEDS for all that the LGBT community has heard from this community. So many LGBT children have been so devasted that they never darken the door of a church again–they don’t believe the God who created them loves them–who will answer for this? People speak so often of how angry Jesus was in the Temple, but I don’t think it is anything compared to the anger Jesus must have over this situation. If nothing else can be agreed upon, this one issue of telling another person they have no place as a member of a church or of service in the church MUST be rethought. God BLESS you and your precious family, Dear Lesa–

    • Thanks Beth. I too would not trade this journey. I’m a better person because of it. My heart hurts as well with the damage that has been done. Who will answer for it indeed. Blessings to you and your family dear mama. ❤️

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