Do you speak love fluently?…

I realized in high school that I did not have a knack for learning a foreign language.  I was required to take two years of a language that was not my own in order to graduate.  I decided to take French.  I quickly learned that I did not have the patience it was going to take to master this language.  I wanted to be able to have normal conversations.  Unfortunately, the curriculum was not set up that way.  I was taught individual words, but the teacher focused more on phrases.  Things I would need to know if I traveled to France like…  “My name is…, What time is it…I would like _____ to eat, Where is the rest room?” I found this very boring.  I managed to make it through the first year, but if I don’t use something, I loose it, and I did not use the French I learned over the summer.  I mean…who was I going to talk to?  And what if I wanted to say something other than the phrases I had learned?

Year two came along and I realized I was in big trouble the first day of French II class.  The teacher was not speaking English at all.  I had no idea what she was saying.  Honestly I think this was really unfair…shouldn’t this be saved for French III?  I guess she figured it was the best way for us to “catch on.”  I was totally lost.  I was sitting at my desk one day with a bad headache.  I guess my teacher could tell something was wrong so she asked me something in French.  I thought she asked if I had a headache so I responded “Oui – yes.”  She responded in English, “I should fail you for that.”  Uh oh.  “Why?” I asked. “Because I asked you if you were bored and you said YES!”  oops. (smile).

Unfortunately, today there is another language that many do not understand.  It’s the language of love.  I have learned over this last year that people do the cruelest things in the name of love.  The results of this misuse of love, or lack of love, are tragic.  If Jesus’ greatest command to us is to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40), don’t you think we should learn how to love better??

…Especially as Christians…

…sadly we are failing.

There have been 5 suicides of LGBT youth in the last 15 days.  In addition, there was one suicide attempt, and one close call (someone found a note and was able to stop the person in time).  And these are just the ones I know about.  I’m sure, unfortunately, there were others.  The unnerving part of all of this to me is that these kids report in suicide notes that they are leaving this world because of the rejection they feel from their families and from the church. This makes my heart hurt more than I can even put into words. At times I find it hard to even catch my breath at the thought of it.  I’ve been grieving these last two weeks for these young souls who felt life was too hard to endure.

Where is the love that Jesus speaks of?

Despite the bullying, discrimination, and hate that they experience, the LGBT people that I have met are some of the most loving people that I know.  Their ability to forgive and love the people who hurt them the most amazes me.  We could all learn something from them.

Do you know how to truly love?  Could you make improvements?  Is there more you could learn?


Love matters…but how we love matters even more.  Learn how to love fluently…

13 thoughts on “Do you speak love fluently?…

  1. Oh Gracious Lord, continue to use Lesa to stir my heart, grab my attention, and drill down to the important things involved in following Jesus. Help me to grasp the deep pain of those who are feeling disenfranchised, unloved, hopeless – simply because they know something about themselves that they feel they can not share with those who hold Christ as Lord. How, Jesus, can we stop our well meaning confrontations and counsel, and begin to listen with hearts of compassion, grace, and love. You, Lord, humbled yourself and left heaven for us to walk in our shoes. Perhaps as your people we can humble ourselves, leave our well-intentioned constructs and beliefs, and walk in the shoes of our LGBT friends, relatives, and the parents of LGBT children. Heavenly Father, hold back the hand of someone tonight who is living in desperation. Reach out your hand through those of us who call you our God. In Jesus’ name….Amen anyone?

  2. Amen! I am the parent of a 19 yo gay daughter who suffered through most of her teen years hiding who she was, afraid of the people at church who were supposed to love and care for her, knowing they would find her, and I quote, “disgusting and abominable”. She lived isolated, depressed, withdrawn, self harming, and in fear. When she finally came out to us and discovered we love her because God gave her to us to love, her life started changing. Im sad to say she is still afraid and now uninterested in church. She had been very involved in missions and leadership before. I pray this will change one day. How can people know Jesus and grow in their faith if his church marginalizes, finds them revulsive, and spews hate at them. Im still on this journey with God. I have so many questions. But I trust that if I can help people find him he will keep his promises. He is God after all. Lord help me if my actions and words keep one precious soul from finding salvation and relationship in Christ. Thank you for your prayers and concern for LGBT teens. Your words fill me with hope.

  3. Thank you, Pastor for your wise words. It is encouraging to watch people come to the realization that ALL of us are God’s creation and beloved children, and that all of us need to be treated as valuable treasures rather than discarded junk.

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