Do you have hope this Christmas season?

Well another week down and another week closer to Christmas.  McKensie was remarking to me yesterday that she can’t believe it’s December already.  Even at 22 years old, time is starting to go faster for her.  She said that it seemed like November didn’t even exist.  Well dear… the older you get the faster it goes….doesn’t seem possible, but it does.

Last week I reflected on peace.  This week I’m reflecting on hope.  I like Romans 15:13 because it reminds me that God is the God of hope:download-1

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

That in itself gives me peace (smile), but I’m focusing on the hope.  Of course I find hope in God.  It’s where I get my strength because I know He is always by my side. And who doesn’t want to overflow in hope??  But I’ve been thinking about hope that I can see on a daily basis.  And again, you can see God in lots of things everyday, but I’m thinking of people kind of hope.

When I look at our world, my hope lies in the younger generation.  To be specific the millennials.  I’m not making a blanket statement here.  I know that there is good and bad in any group, but honestly I think they get a bad rap.  There are many things I like about this group, but this is what I see in the millennials I know and why they give me hope:

They are socially and environmentally conscious.  They “see” people…like really see them.  They are less judgmental.  They are accepting.  You don’t have to be just like them to be in their world.  They are diverse.  They take social justice seriously.  Like really seriously. They aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.  They voice their opinions. They do not remain silent when they see injustice.  Instead of relying on an election to change their world, they go out and be the change.  They look out for those who need looking after.

Now I know some people who would like to give me a list of the opposite of what I mention here.  Does it exist?  Of course it does…no one group is exactly the same. Like I mentioned there is good and bad in any group.  I’m speaking about the people I know.  I really admire them.  They inspire me.  They are far more like the Jesus I know.  I want to be like them when I grow up (smile).

motivation-picture-quote-hopeThe world sure can be a discouraging place sometimes.  How are you doing in the hope department?  My wish for you is that you also have something you can see that gives you hope.

Let’s be the kind of people that restores hope in others.  And while you’re at it…be the love that restores people…because love matters.

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