Rainbow tears…guest post

A friend of mine from high school is a photographer.  I really enjoy her work and was so excited when she contacted me recently and told me she was working on something for me.  I was so touched by that!  She told me she was inspired by the message that Love Matters.  Well today she tagged me in a Facebook post that had me in tears while I was waiting in line for my coffee at Starbucks.  I just had to share it with you all!

You can check out her website at Debbie Payne Photography.

She also wrote this lovely poem to go along with the picture:

Rainbow tears don’t stain, they can be dried
Love should never question why

Mama bears will love no questions asked
To help find security to move from dark pasts

Love is the core of our human essence
To be given to all through His grace and His presence

The rainbow created from water and light
Three sided prism shine love, hope and new life

Holy is following His Perfect example
Above all else, it is Love that Matters

Inspired by Love Matters, model Alexis G

Thank you so much Debbie for sharing your creativity and artistry with us.  I am honored to have my message inspire your wonderful art <3.

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