THIS is the gay lifestyle…

This whole week I’ve been walking around thinking and chanting to myself, “I’ve had the radish!”  It’s a Vermont saying (well at least that’s what my friend from Vermont told me).  I explain it here, but it pretty much means I’m fed up.  Apparently I was feeling the same way two years ago.  I wrote a blog post with that as the title and it was my Facebook memory for today.

On Sunday, I shared a blog post from Benjamin Corey that was also written two years ago.  I found it to still be valid today so I shared it.  It has the following quote from Franklin Graham in it:

“We have allowed the Enemy to come into our churches. I was talking to some Christians and they were talking about how they invited these gay children to come into their home and to come into the church and that they were wanting to influence them. And I thought to myself, they’re not going to influence those kids; those kids are going to influence those parent’s children.

What happens is we think we can fight by smiling and being real nice and loving. We have to understand who the Enemy is and what he wants to do. He wants to devour our homes. He wants to devour this nation and we have to be so careful who we let our kids hang out with. We have to be so careful who we let into the churches. You have immoral people who get into the churches and it begins to effect the others in the church and it is dangerous.”

I find it incredibly sad that the first two comments I received about the post were about whether or not the homeless statistic in the post was accurate because the person couldn’t believe that is was…and the second asking at what age do I think children should be allowed to decide whether or not they are gay or transgender.  Nothing about what this man of God said about precious souls.  It was the same old conversation…it’s a choice, it’s a lifestyle, they are sexual deviants, etc.

So although I’ve written about this before, I guess there needs to be a refresher course so I am calling this:

The key to living the Gay Lifestyle is to first decide to be gay.  Now that means that you are attracted to both men AND women.  I mean if it’s a choice you need something to choose between and if you aren’t attracted to both…then it isn’t really a choice.  Right?  Everyone goes through this process and at the end of it you are either straight or gay…

But wait.  I’m straight and I’ve never been attracted to BOTH men and women.  So how could I choose to be with the opposite sex?  It’s not a choice.  I was just naturally attracted to men.  There wasn’t a thought that went into it…no decision to be made.  It just was what it was so to speak.  So I guess you could say that since I didn’t have a decision to make, and it wasn’t a choice…I was born this way.  Well it’s the same for gay people.  They don’t decide…they don’t choose…it’s how they were born.

So scrap the first part of the Gay Lifestyle…you don’t decide to be gay.

I know lots of gay people, but since my own kid is gay I’m going to use him as an example to explain this gay lifestyle.

He has blue hair.  That is your first clue that he is living the gay lifestyle.

But wait…I’ve had friends at one time or another that had red hair, blue hair, and green hair and they are straight.  In fact, lots of straight people that I know have had different color hair.  So I guess that isn’t a clue into the gay lifestyle.

So scrap the second part of the Gay Lifestyle…different color hair isn’t part of it.

Let’s see.  Each day my son wakes up,  goes to school, comes home, does some homework and then goes to work.  But sometimes he wakes up and goes to work, comes home, does some homework and then goes to school.  Some days he doesn’t go to school or work, but that’s rare.  But that can’t be part of the gay lifestyle either because I know lots of straight people who do the same thing.

So scrap the third part of the Gay Lifestyle…working and going to school doesn’t count.

Maybe it has to do with his interests.  Well he likes to snowboard.  He likes to go camping (and I don’t mean glamping).  He will go for a week, in a tent, to far out of the way places where there are no bathrooms and no showers.  Yuck!  Not my idea of a fun time, but he loves it.  He also likes to swing dance…and is quite good at it.

But his interests don’t explain the gay lifestyle because he does all of those things with straight friends.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that he has a boyfriend.  When his boyfriend comes over to the house, they meet up with my daughter and some other friends and they either go out to eat dinner, or they cook something up at the house.  After dinner they play games.  Sometimes it’s video type games, sometimes it’s board games.  Scandalous…I know!

Now that I think about it.  Maybe there isn’t anything to this Gay Lifestyle that everyone keeps bringing up to me because when I look at the gay people I know…they are just like the straight people that I know.  The only difference is in who they love.

The difference I see between gay and straight people are how they are treated.  The bullying tends to be worse.  They are discriminated against. They are denied services.  They are called sexual deviants, perverts, pedophiles.  The list goes on and on.  This week one of the kids in my mom’s group received death threats.

So until you really know what it’s like to be gay.  Please don’t talk to me about the gay lifestyle that you don’t agree with…it looks like lazy Christianity to me.

And church if you are ok with a man of God saying  that “We have to be so careful who we let into the churches. You have immoral people who get into the churches and it begins to effect the others in the church and it is dangerous.”, then you are a big part of the problem.

Where is the love of Jesus…it matters…



6 thoughts on “THIS is the gay lifestyle…

  1. When Franklin Graham or Tony Perkins open their mouths about “those gays” I just want to pull out my hair, or better yet, pull out their hair. This quote by FG proves that his mind and heart are not aligned with Jesus. Jesus welcomes all to his table.

  2. Oh Lesa, you’ve written this so well that you’ve caused my heart to ache. Thank you. I pray your words will touch some wayward Christian, and they will see that only through truly loving others are they following and obeying Jesus. What is so hard to understand about the command to love one another? Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

    I just want to know why we have to defend our LGBTQ friends and loved ones to fellow Christians–of all people?

    • I know Betsy…it is so frustrating isn’t it. Sometimes I feel like people are so concerned about proving they are right that they completely lose sight of the fact that they are talking about actual people. Someone’s child. Hugs to you.

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