Keeping it real…

I was asked a question the other day and thought maybe others are wondering the same thing.  The way I have my blog set up – I have to approve comments from someone at least two times before they are automatically posted.  I did this because on other blogs that I have read regarding this subject I’ve seen some really hateful comments with really bad language and I didn’t want that on my blog.  So the question posed to me was, “Will you ever post negative comments that you get?”  My answer is “yes.”  As long as the person is respectful in their comment I will post it.  I want this blog to be an avenue to start conversations.  I want it to be a support to others going through the same thing.  If I don’t “keep it real”, then I don’t see the point in doing it. I know not everyone is going to agree with what I write…and that’s ok.  My main objective is to let people know that they aren’t alone.  Going through this can be very isolating.  I also hope to create some understanding. Since I’ve started this blog, three people have contacted me regarding their own family members, or friends who have family members who are gay.  I don’t know if I will be able to help them, but just the fact that they reached out made me do this:

My happy dance!

My happy dance!

So if you have questions, please ask me.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking in the comment section, you can ask me on the Contact page.

3 thoughts on “Keeping it real…

  1. [ Smiles ] I would recommend that you create a comment policy stating no one can be allowed to be rude and disrespectful.

    • I thought about doing that, but wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. Is it a signature type of thing you put at the end of every post? Very new to blogging :-).

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