At my wits’ end…

Wits-end-770x433I feel beat up.  It’s been a rough week. I’m going to heed my mom’s advice that I mentioned in my last post…if you don’t have anything nice to say….don’t say anything at all.  And I honestly don’t have anything nice to say.  I am frustrated.

Here are two things that have come out this week:

John MacArthur was recently asked by a reader how they should respond to an adult child who has acknowledged they are gay. His parenting advice?

Alienate them.

Separate them.

Isolate them.

Refuse to have a meal with them.

Turn them over to Satan.


Then there was this:

Scott Esk is a conservative Republican running for a seat in the Oklahoma state Legislature, and he says he wants to apply Biblical principles to Oklahoma law. He also thinks that gay people should be put to death by stoning. And he isn’t doing much to hide the fact that he believes gay people deserve to be murdered, either.

I just don’t have any words to convey what this feels like.  My heart isn’t in the right place so I’m going to sit with it for awhile.  Prayers appreciated.

6 thoughts on “At my wits’ end…

  1. All I can say is do they have a personal relationship with Jesus? No grace, no love, no compassion. We are called above all things to love each other. I believe those who would say such things are being prompted by the enemy, not Jesus. No wonder so many turn away from God, when these people stand up to “represent” us.

  2. Makes me feel sad and sick at the same time. I’m so sorry you have to encounter attitudes like this, especially from those who wear the name Christian.

  3. I’ve been catching up on several of your posts Lesa, I started to comment on this one…then deleted it and went on. Now I’m back to just SHOUT “CHICKEN”…because I just really don’t know what else to say!! 😉 Hugs….

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