Sin incarnate…

It’s been a week.  This time of year gets so busy.  Before I realized it, I spent 3 and a half hours looking for red bows for my window wreaths.  That’s ridiculous!  NO ONE HAD THEM!  I was going from store, to store, to store before I noticed how much time I had wasted.  Then there was the mess I made in the kitchen.  I was packing up leftovers from dinner for my lunch.  I was chatting with my husband while getting them together.  I tried to pick one of the containers up and the lid popped off.  Tomato sauce, rice, and ground beef went everywhere… including the open kitchen drawer where I store all of my containers.   Lucy, my dog, thought she had hit the jackpot. She was a very helpful participant in the clean up.

All the business of the holiday season…the crazy drivers, grumpy shoppers, never-ending to-do list…are so trivial in comparison to what some families have gone through this last week and a half.  Three young LGBTQ people have taken their lives.  The youngest being 12.  And these are just the ones I know about…unfortunately there are many more.  The pain that these families are facing this Christmas season is unfathomable.  It puts things into perspective that’s for sure.

I’m sharing a blog post by Benjamin Moberg today from his blog Registered Runaway.  He has first hand experience and is able to explain the despair that so many LGBTQ people experience.  Please, please read it.  We need to make some changes…it will save lives.

From One Degree of Glory to the Next



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