Exciting things coming this year…

Happy New Year everyone!

2014 was quite a year.  It was my first full year of blogging and although it can be a bit nerve-wracking at times…it is also a therapeutic way to share my heart on the things that God has been teaching me.  I challenged myself to write a post a week and I posted 49…not too bad (smile).   Here are my top posts of the year (the posts that received the most views)  If you didn’t see them, be sure to check them out:

More Than Just a Peanut (written January 2014)

Say It Isn’t So (written March 2014)

Does Love Really Matter? (written September 2014)

A Mother’s Heart (written October 2014)

Beauty in Ink (written September 2013 – continued receiving top views in 2014)

Thank you to those who have shared my posts over the year.  I appreciate your help on getting my message of love out there (smile).  The year was full of many ups and downs…some progress and some set backs.  I think this coming year is going to be very exciting.  Along with the help of another mom of a gay son, I am starting a support group for LGBTQ folks and their parents.  We hope to get it launched very soon in this new year.  Things are already starting to fall into place and I’m looking forward to sharing God’s love with those who are hurting.

I’m not sure how much writing I will be doing this year as I would like to focus on the group, but I feel like God is telling me I’m not done yet so we shall see.  I do know for sure it will be less than last year.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank my followers for their support.  It means the world to me.

This year, I’m hoping to meet people face to face to let them know that they are loved.  People like Leelah Alcorn who took her life this weekend.  This can’t continue.  You can read Leelah’s story here.


Because Love Matters…


4 thoughts on “Exciting things coming this year…

  1. Lesa,
    Thank you for sharing throughout the year. I had never seen the LGBTQ abbreviation before(the Q). So, I looked it up and it broke my heart that someone would be considered and labeled Queer. I pray that you will be able to impact lives throughout the upcoming year.

    • Thank you Beth. I wanted to let you know that the word “queer” doesn’t have the negative connotation that it used to when we were growing up. I still don’t like using it because of that, but young people today use that word to refer to all LGBT people (rather than using the actual words). It’s also used because some don’t like being labeled (even though I guess you could say that being called queer could be a label as well). It get’s muddy. I just wanted to let you know that the “Q” is out there because it is no longer viewed as negative. Thanks for your encouragement :-).

  2. Happy anniversary.

    I am very happy with the word “Queer” for myself, and prefer it to LGBT, because of other groups: asexual? demisexual? and names such as Pansexual. Queer is easier to say, and unites us.

    • Thanks for your comment Clare. It’s good to hear from someone who identifies with this term. Helps us older folk to understand :-). Plus it is really hard to explain. I appreciate you joining in on the conversation. Happy New Year!

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